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Originally Posted by harwar View Post
i love stuff like that crawdad .. "hey don't i know that guy?" .. "yea we were in school/the same unit/same neighborhood together" .. i just recently saw someone from my past that i missed a lot .. oh yea and we played wiffle ball when i was a kid .. i had to look up nerf baseball lol
I'll have to try and catch a NIU game this season and say hi to Ed.

We used to play baseball with just about anything - whiffle balls, tennis balls, dime-store rubber balls and Nerf Balls. For bats I remember even using a vacuum cleaner metal pipe, which in hindsight was terrifically dangerous.

Nerf Balls were basically just a type of sponge without any coating on the outside. So they had very limited flight, which made them perfect for playing baseball in our backyard. We played two-on two games, right-field out. It kept us busy and out of trouble for days and days over summer vacation. A pleasant memory.

One thing my brothers and I discovered was that Nerf Balls had a wonderful ability to absorb farts. Squeeze it tight and then release your gas right into the Nerf Ball while releasing the squeezed Nerf Ball. Then toss it to a family member and the fights begin.

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