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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Frank Thomas screaming for Viciedo to be moved to the 3 hole and left there.
Chuck and Melton disagree since he hasn't earned it.
I love the passion from Big Hurt and I know he is a big Tank fan but I agree with Chuck and Bill. Viciedo needs to earn that spot in the order. There is a reason Robin has him batting in the 8 spot and that is because he has the numbers of a #8 hitter. There is nobody more frustrating to me on the Sox than Viciedo. The team has an interesting decision to make about him going forward. Do you give up on that potential figuring "he is what he is" at this point and won't get better? Do you stick it out with him for one more year and roll the dice that he finally turns that corner? It's obvious to everyone but Dayan that he isn't going to succeed untiil he shortens that stroke. I believe Tank's pitch recognition has improved since he broke into the league but that swing gets so big and long most of the time that he can't catch up to pitchers with plus stuff.
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