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Originally Posted by pudge View Post
This! The last couple times I was at the park, it was just a bizarre atmosphere. Nobody really seemed to want to be there. Maybe I'm just getting old, maybe it's the lousy product that has been on the field, but something just feels "off". Amazing how quickly this organization killed the energy that was in the park in the few years following '05.
I was there yesterday and it definitely does feel off. If they weren't going to keep the "Pirates" video they should have come up with something better or at least as good. I didn't even realize the video was on until it was basically over.

Oh, and they ran out of damn corn in the 6th inning? Opening Day I can understand, but on a Sunday with the place a little more than half full?

At this point I am happy I only bought a 7-game plan. Once a month seems about right. If it gets really bad I may give away my tickets later in the season.
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