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Default Dumb Sox Fans 4/5

So I am minding my own business watching the ninth inning when all of the sudden I start hearing bye bye multiple times. I look up and here is this little guy and this fairly larger(and by larger I mean taller and at least 50 on this little guy) guy in each others face. I am not sure what was going on but all I heard repeatedly was bye bye bye bye bye bye. Very annoying. Next thing I know they are in each others face. On comes security...and it was a throw down. We are not talking about 1 or 2 guards we are talking about 5 or 6. They slam this guy to the ground and on comes his friend. The basically toss him over the bleacher seat and here comes 2 other guys. One of them try to bit the security guards(real mature). After about 2 guys on base...a single and a walk they finally get these 4 guys in handcuffs. This poor little bugger had beer spilled on him and even better on his head. Guards being bit and guys being wrestled to the ground. So is the link to my pics. This was too good to not take a pic. I mean come on...I believe that people pay good money to see a game without drama and people acting like fools.

Also I had some dumb guy who decided they were going to smoke in the seats. Some guy asked him nicely to put it out since there was no smoking and the guy got irate and was like you want to see a trophy smashed on the ground and repeated it. He was then going to throw his rep trophy onto the field. Cool guy was drunk before the game even started.

I find it a little ridiculous that people have absolutely no sense.

This was too dumb to not snap a few pics of the morons, There is also some more pics of the trophy ceremony. Feel free to enjoy.
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