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I remember the day Chicago media called Miguel Olivio a future Hall of Famer. There is a tendency to slap that label on players when the White Sox trade them.

I think Baines is more deserving than Minoso. Maybe like Minoso, baseball will continue to give Baines chances to get in because as deserving as he is, the special committees don't show him the respect he deserves.

Baines is certainly more worthy than Dick Allen or Joe Jackson. Jackson has been excluded from the Hall of Fame, not because he was banned from baseball, but because of what he did to be banned from baseball. He actually got a vote or two in the first-ever ballot and was never declared ineligible for the Hall of Fame during his lifetime.

Dick Allen quit on the White Sox and baseball. He basically quit on the Phillies before they traded him to the Cardinals who traded him to the Dodgers who traded him to the White Sox where he had a Hall of Fame season. Like Joe Jackson, Allen was a Hall-of-Fame caliber player whose career shouldn't be honored in the Hall of Fame.
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