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Originally Posted by Sox-o-phile View Post
Happened to look at Britt Burns career stats and saw that his whole career was with the White Sox.
How many other players spent their whole career with just the White Sox?
Who has logged the most games as a White Sox exclusive player?
To answer your first question, not sure how many players spent their whole careers with the team, but eight players have logged in ten or more years of major league service exclusively with the White Sox:


Luke Appling 1930-50
Ted Lyons 1923-46
Red Faber 1914-33
Johnny Mostil 1918, 1921-29
Lee Tannehill 1903-12
Orval Grove 1940-49
Ron Karkovice 1986-97
Mike Squires 1975, 1977-85
John Danks 2007-16

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