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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
Plus, I thought RH was considering trading surplus piching for bats. Why would he want more surplus pitching like Romero and Drabek?
Because more pitching means more leverage to find more bats?

Plus, the Sox currently have 3 pitchers really set in stone for the 2014 season; Sale and Quintana based on merit, and Danks based on contract. After that there's still a whole lot of question marks. Johnson looked good but is untested. Santiago and Reinzo have been up and down, and the jury is still out on them. I'd prefer to not talk about Axelrod... No team in baseball history has lamented the amount of arms it has in its arsenal.

Plus, between Keppinger, Semien, and Sanchez the Sox probably feel like they can find someone to play 2B next season if Beckham is dealt. And it's not like trading him will negatively effect the offense. Man, does he suck.

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