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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Quintana works in the 94-95 range, he's not just a soft tossing lefty who depends on deception.
Claiming he throws his four seamer at 95 is no different than if I claimed he threw at 86 (because he threw it that slow just as often). His average velocity on that pitch was 91, and he almost never dialed it up to 95 because he can't keep his control on that pitch, which is important because he gets no movement on it. He threw it at 91-92 almost every game of the season, and relied way more on his breaking stuff.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
The people that think Quintana is a soft tosser aren't watching the games. There's no other explanation. If anything, he's a power pitcher.
The only way you could think he's a fire-baller is if you watched one or two pitches a game, at most. There's no other explanation.
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