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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Oh I think 100% teams know their strengths and weaknesses enough to say "We have not had luck with this type of prospect"...

I will put it this way, with a first round pick, I Would rather take a player we felt we could make a solid big leaguer vs. a guy we rolled the dice might be a good big leaguer.

Craig Goldstein of MLBdraftinsider just told me in their chat he thinks Anderson's ceiling is average glove at SS, 270 average, 20 homers 30 SB, but thats his maxes, and likely wont get to the average or power..... It just seems scouts either are or are not an Anderson fan. No gray area.
No offense to Goldstein, but that was the book on Anderson months ago. It's possible he doesn't see his improvement as the result of improved approach, but it's more likely he simply hasn't been paying attention. That's not a knock, the kid really did come out of nowhere to improve from a 6 round pick to a first round pick on almost every board in less than two months.
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