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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Very good and can relate to a lot of it. First of all after being born on the Southside in 1946 we moved to the 900 block of west Dakin St about 4 blocks north of the ballpark in 1950. I went to LeMoyne grammar school for 2 years which is just 2 blocks east of the park on Addison st. First time I stepped in Wrigley was around 1951 for a Rodeo, I remember that The Cisco Kid and Poncho were the star attraction of the show. We moved to Rogers Park in 1953 and saw my first game at Wrigley in 1955 against the Cards. It was about 2 weeks after my first Sox game at Comiskey, both games were on bus rides from the YMCA. As a youngster starting when I was 11 years old my friends and I took in many games at Wrigley because of day baseball and it was easy to get to from Rogers Park on the El. Not once did I root for the Flubs. We could sit anywhere in those days, bought a General Admission ticket for a buck and would be sitting in the box seats by the 4th inning. All the games I went to the upper deck was always closed except for one game against the Braves around 1958. 1962 came along and I got a job as a vendor at all the sports venues in Chicago, Wrigley was horrible, was lucky if I made 7 bucks while at Sox park I could haul down 20 bucks with a little bit of hustle. Not once in those days did I ever dream that Wrigley and the neighborhood would turn into a Cash Cow and a must destination for visitors to Chicago. Last game I saw at Wrigley was 1985 and needed a baseball fix so I took my son to a game on the train from Wheaton to the loop and then the EL and saw the Cubs lose another one to the Cards.
The one thing about Wrigley that I loved was that it was a great place to watch the Bears, hardly missed a game there from 1959 to 1962. You were right on top of the action as they put up those temp seats in right field and the field was really squeezed in running north to south. The end zones were only 8 yards instead of the normal 10.
Hope I didn't bore anyone to death but I do have some fond memories of the dump and thought I would pass them along.
Not bored at all and btw I hope you had a nice one today. Now my turn to put some to sleep.

Mid to late 60's my mother worked near belmont and clark so my father would pick her up from work. Sometimes I would go with him. On occasion if traffic was good my dad would stop at Henrys across from cubs park to get a shake. Sometimes we used to just drive around the park, when games werent being played. On occasion there were houses on waveland or sheffield for sale and the old man used to always say "Who the hell would want to live across the street from this park". I asked how much those houses cost, he said maybe 20-25k but he wouldnt give them 10. A keen eye for real estate the old man had.
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