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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Leave it to Konerko to be more realistic than many here. He just said on the Score he expects to be on the bench on Opening Day.

The Sox are not the Cubs. It's not about being cute. Play every game to win, not to pander.

If you're in favor of junking the game plan already on Opening Day, let's go ahead and start Minnie Minoso in left. That would entertain the crowd, too.
On the surface, this may seem strong, but really what is the difference between the standing ovation Konerko gets if he's penciled in at DH versus the standing ovation he gets as the last bench guy? Everybody is annoucned by Gene Honda on Opening Day and gets to go out and stand on the chalk and tip their cap (at least I remember that happening, but I could be wrong). Perhaps Konerko gets to pinch hit late in the game...he gets another ovation. I don't think it's a slight at Konerko not to start to get Dunn the ABs against the righty, at least early in the game. Don't get me wrong, as I don't care for Dunn at all, but I'm in favor of sticking with the plan for all 162 games.
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