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Basically, this is a team that is built to score with the home run. Problem is, they don't hit near enough home runs. Konerko's power is way down. Ramirez doesn't hit home runs anymore. Beckham has been out most of the year, and after a wrist injury, I don't think the Sox can count on 15 HRs from the 2B position this year. Viciedo doesn't look like he's going to match his production from last season either.

They aren't hitting home runs, and they are lost without them. A lumbering team that can't go first to third or second to home needs to have a good slugging percentage to score. The Sox will struggle unless they are hitting the ball off the wall or over it. Plain and simple. I think it's a personnel thing more than the coach, and I personally will not feel any better about the team if they fire Jeff Manto. Get rid of him if you want. I won't shed tears if they fire him either; I just don't think it will fix anything.
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