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Yeah I always heard he started using roids after 1998 due to he was jealous of Sosa and McGwire getting all the media attention.

I pretty much look at the steroid era as just another part of baseball history.

1900-1920 Deadball era, very pitcher friendly.
1921-1937 huge offensive jumps due to smaller parks and the baseball was wound tighter.
1938-1960-I would say the league quality was pretty even.
1961 expansion a one year wonder for offense
1962+1976 another pitchers era but not like the 1900's
1977-1992 I would again say the league quality was pretty even
1993-2007 The steroid era. It goes without saying that it was bad for baseball but thats a whole generation erased from the hof. Bonds shouldn't take all the heat because he was the best juicer.
2008-curent...I would say the league quality is pretty even again.

I might not be perfect on years but it's I think this is pretty close.
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