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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
What?!?! Who was taking over the counter drugs? I've shopped at GNC numerous times, and I don't ever remember seeing steroids or HGH on the shelves. Canseco, Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro...these guys weren't using creatine and protein powders!

And cocaine isn't a performance enhancer. And this isn't meant to excuse his drug use, but according to Raines himself, his performance suffered because of his drug use.
Whatever they were taking baseball didn't have a policy enforced and McGwire got caught with andro in his locker which was sold at GNC stores. I'll admit these guys deff were taking some high powered stuff but again baseball should have done something about steroids when football clamped down in the late 80's.

With Raines it's a moral issue and I think he should be in but taking cocaine deff is a moral issue and being a moral person is one of the hof standards so he shouldn't be getting more votes than steroid users.
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