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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
This is why voters need to use common sense, Bonds more tha likely started using in 1999 after the whole Sosa/McGwire deal and he was already a hofer so comparing him to a Jack Morris career isn't using common sense. Now comparing Sosa to a Morris career is probably about right. I agree he did lose the respect of most baseball fans including me but 90 percent of that era was on roids and yeah he deff inflated his career stats but you gotta hand it to Bonds too for putting every other steroid user to shame with the numbers he put up.
Why does any of this matter? You said it yourself- cheating is cheating is cheating. End of story. Period. Was Pete Rose a HOFer before he bet on games? Absolutely. Was Joe Jackson a HOFer before he threw a World Series? No doubt. There's no reason why some players should be forgiven for cheating just because they were great players beforehand.
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