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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
I'm another old fart who needs to get out of the way or at least shut up. I go back to the days of Brickhouse on TV and Bob Elson on the radio. As a rule, but not across the board I'm not fond of the modern day announcers in any sport. They tend to be bland and have cookie cutter voices and personalities on the air. As for Benetti, he has the announcer school voice but some individual idiosyncrasies that set him apart. I'm not crazy about Sox math and sticks and Stone but every announcer has the right to carve his own niche. I can't complain about cookie cutter announcing and then criticize a guy for doing something different. He is obviously very intelligent and witty but I found some of the repartee between him and Stone to be quite painful. I think he will be around for as long as he wants and the fans seem to like him quite a bit. I should also add that I've never heard him call anything but Sox baseball and I really should rectify that. Like I said I've been watching and listening to Sox baseball for over 6 decades, sometimes I can hear the voice of Bob Elson as I drift off to sleep just as I often did as a kid. Rooney and Farmer are all my all time favorite announcing duo. BTW, why no love for Farmer, he's local and loves the Sox too? Yeah, I know. He's not the greatest play by play guy.
You know itís possible to have a discussion without someone being the victim. No one told anyone to shut up, go away or called anyone names in the post you quoted. The first sentence in your post detracts from the discussion and makes you sound like a martyr. Can you please stop doing that?

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