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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
I was talking career minor league stats.

The defense isn't even close. AJ is just awful behind the plate. Awful.
Career minor league stats are pretty worthless because what, 1% of minor leaguers are going to make it to the majors? So you're going to face a LOT of garbage pitchers who will never come close to even sniffing the majors, especially in the low levels of the minors. Above A ball Flowers has not demonstrated, to me at least, anything that would suggest he would be a high OBP guy.

As far as defense goes, from my untrained eye it seems to me that AJ's biggest problem is with balls in the dirt on the corners. I think he struggles with those so much more now than a few years ago because his knees are giving out on him, but I see Flowers struggle with those pitches as well. Much more than AJ did back when he first came over. Flowers has a better arm than AJ, but AJ had a pretty good year throwing out base runners as well.

Go Sox!!!
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