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We'll be there Friday night. Fortunately I got the e-mail several weeks before, but because I wasn't sure of my availability I didn't reply until the posted 6/21 deadline. The kicker was that I couldn't log into the Sox/Ticketmaster system -- something was haywire that caused me to be kicked off after I logged in. I tried multiple times, changed my password through the system, but could only keep knocking on the virtual door.

I called Reynel, my ticket rep, but got a voicemail message that he was out until Monday (grumble...). I left a message telling my story, and he did call me back Monday morning and sent me tickets. My worry was that Ticketmaster's cosmic ticket-puncher wouldn't let me in since the official deadline had passed.

Happy ending for me but I can relate to everyone's frustration.
- tebman
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