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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Another one of the biggest "what if's" in Sox history.

Courtesy of my interview with Jack McDowell:

ML: I’m not trying to place blame here but the Sox as good as they were, always seemed to be one piece short. Whether it was another starter or another big bat to go with Thomas and Ventura. Do you think the organization did everything they could to get to a World Series?

JM: "That’s tough to say. I know that Mark McGwire wanted to come here. He called me three times in about a ten day period after the 1991 season. He asked me about the other guys in the clubhouse, about the coaching staff and about the city of Chicago. I honestly felt we were going to get him. I called Robin (Ventura) to let him know what was going on and I remember he was excited. He told me ‘alright...we’re going to kick ass.’ The Sox then asked Frank (Thomas) if he’d go to DH full time so that Mark could play first and he said no.".

I'm glad that didn't happen. I don't think McGwire would have put the Sox over the top. He didn't hit for average: he didn't draw walks. And given Frank's difficulties while being used as a DH, it's possible McGwire's presence would have prevented Thomas from becoming the player that we remember.
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