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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
It would be a lot easier to say, "Well, at least they won," and laugh it off if crap like this wasn't happening on such a regular basis.

Just look at the last three games. Saturday, Rios and De Aza turned a routine fly to right-center into a triple and made Crain's job harder than it needed to be. Sunday, Ramirez pissed the game away by missing a routine grounder to SS. Then tonight, you've got Beckham making a jackass out of himself and allowing the tying run to score in the ninth inning.

The misplay didn't ultimately cost the Sox the game tonight, but this team has paid dearly throughout the season with this kind of garbage. Their position in the standings proves it. It's embarrassing for a professional team to take the field every day and play like this.
Maybe they need a change of scenery- all of them.
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