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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I generally listen to Satellite Radio or podcasts in the car, but I happened to tune in a couple of weeks ago. Bernstein had Joe Sheehan (sp) on, who Bernstein apparently has a crush on. They were both kissing up Theo's ass when Sheehan said (exact quote) "right now, the Cubs are closer to a World Series than they were in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS." Bernstein agreed.

Click. Credibility out the window. Tuned in a little bit later to hear Bernstein talk about how the Cubs were going to "flip" Soriano. Not sure how you "flip" someone you've already paid $110 million to since 2007. Apparently Bernstein doesn't know the practical definition of "flip" (ie buy low, sell for profit short time later).

Wow, I missed those exchanges. That's pretty brutal. That show actually used to be okay to listen to. It seems like in recent years they've just started mailing it in and don't really put much effort into the program. Probably a symptom of having done it for so long, especially with Boers. It really went downhill fast when Jason Goff left as producer to go do his own show in Atlanta.

And any time some new little tidbit comes out about the Sandusky/Penn State case, they re-hash the whole case over again for hours. Move on already. This is Chicago, not Pennsylvania. Everyone's moved on long ago.

Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
An earlier thread right here on WSI made the claim that callers who could be made to look stupid were given preference. We have them figured out, I'll say that. Know-it-all plus lazy grandpa with filthy mind. Good at basketball, faking it on hockey and not fooling anyone. I'm sort of the same myself but I don't pretend otherwise.
I've heard that before as well from people who know 670 station employees. They definitely selectively screen callers to get a lot of morons on the air for Bernstein to skewer. Hell, they even took one drunken old idiot and made a weekly segment for him now where he "reviews" movies for them. It's incredibly lame.

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