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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
If we had last year's team from February (with AJ, Konerko not coming off a season he didn't look completely finished, Danks not injured), I'd feel a lot better now too. We're not as good as last year, and the young pieces (like Dayan) have not given reason to be optimistic.

Being optimistic for the sake of being optimistic is fool-hardy. That's exactly the kind of stuff that makes White Sox staffers look at our fan base and not feel like they're doing something wrong. This is a bad team as currently contstructed. You should be angry.
I am angry about our lack of stars. We have no current positional players that are projected to be All Stars. This is a superstar driven sports world.
Our best positional players are in decline or have reached a plateau.
It is a sad time to be a Sox fan. Something/someone must literally come out of LF to save this sorry situation.