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They were doing the 6th inning ticket check in my section, too. (Section 153.) The two couples in front of us were juggling helmet tacos, margaritas, brats, and a gift shop spree on their laps when the usher asks for tickets. I don't care if they had standing room, these guys had about $300 of concessions in their laps. Cut em some slack.

The parking lots are brutal. I did my usual Park and Ride location in Lot A, so I got there at 8:00AM, but one of us left in about the 8th inning to go back to the cars and Security was shagging him out of the lot BEFORE THE GAME WAS OVER.

I was a big complainer about the concession folk a few years ago, but I do think they have gotten better. You still will find one of the older ladies who are mystified by gift cards and credit carrds, but I give them a break. The end of game experience is obnoxious. Souvenier stands closed, the bums rush in the Bullpen Bar and Bicardi's, the "gates are closing" announcement and the general herding of folks after the game drives me crazy. With the way traffic works, nobody is going anywhere for a while. Let em stay, and relax.
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