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I was admittedly skeptical of the off season after last years debacle but its hard not to love this signing. Enough has already been said about how it solidifies the position and helps the pitching staff.

The thing has me excited though is that the Sox finally won a bid. Granted we're not even close to making up for missing out on Machado over the BS on the last two years they offered, but with that being said its so early in the process when top tier FA's generally wait until after the holidays to sign. In this case, Grandal himself on interviews noted that he had many more offers this year compared to last which not only suggests the market was hot for him (at least 3 teams?) but that the Sox, for once, won the bidding war for a player they wanted that fills a need.

Keep up the momentum cause its been far too long since we've seen meaningful baseball in September with the exception of watching a call up.
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