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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Youíre not wrong, it is common to see an uptick, but itís also common for velocity to initially be down in their first action back whether itís shoulder or elbow surgery. Remember, the build-up to pitching in the fall league was almost entirely his surgery rehab, which is a lot different than what a pitcher usually does before going into game action. It does depend player by player, but itís not surprising when a pitcher comes back not having had a full offseason of building up strength. I think thereís a pretty decent chance heís back at his normal levels come next spring, although if he doesnít, it happens, unfortunately.
Ah, so he didn't have any real pitching opportunities before the fall league? Also, I still haven't seen anything regarding his velocity thus far, so I'd be interested in seeing that.

One bit of good news is that Luis Robert had his first extra base hit yesterday. I think I saw he's hitting .292/.346/.333 - he's also REALLY fast in the clips I have seen.

Go Sox!!!
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