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Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
AJ had never hit more than 18 HR a season; he's sitting at 27. He's a lifetime .284/.324/.753 hitter. Does anyone think that Flowers, who is a good defensive catcher but needs a lot of work at the plate, is going to match this magically next season? With more AB, yes, he's not going to strike out 54 times in 133 AB's, but he's not going to be that great of a hitter, especially for average.
The question may be what other teams want to pay him and, perhaps more important, for how long. It's a bit like the Buerhle situation last year. AJ has been quite durable, but he is getting up in years. I don't know the numbers, but I have the impression that Ventura was sitting him a bit more than Ozzie did in previous years.
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