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Not necessarily a positive thought, but something that I saw today that put things really in perspective. I was sitting up in the 300 level today and as we were leaving the game, this family was walking toward us in the concourse. One guy was pushing what I assumed to be his mother in a wheel chair. She was not real elderly, but she looked quite frail. She was also crying her eyes out. It sounds awful, but all I could wonder is if her health was so bad and that she wanted to make it a point to attend the last game in case it was her last game. I can't stop thinking of it since.

For all the griping we do on this site, I still feel lucky to live in a major league town. I feel grateful for all the memories I've had with friends and family over decades in both the old and new park. I'm also grateful that I will never figure out why this game drives me crazy but keeps me coming back.

OK, if anybody wants to cue the A. Bartlett Giamatti essay feel free...
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