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Originally Posted by OEO Magglio
It's a stupid argument for one because your obviously arguing something you don't understand much of if you believe these rankings. Second it's a stupid argument because your blaming kenny and shaffer for depleting a farm system that isn't depleted. If your asking me where I think the sox and the a's should be my answer would be both close to the middle of the pact. Believe what you want but the a's and sox farm systems aren't that far off in terms of talent.
I'm blaming Williams and mostly Shaffer for bad drafts. Shaffer has been around a long time and his track record at the draft table has been less than stellar to say the least and downright abysmal when you look at the pitchers he's had a part in taking.

Take a look at this taken from his bio:

Shaffer was honored with the Scout of the Year award in 1987, when the Sox selected pitcher Jack McDowell in the first round. During his tenure, the White Sox have selected Mark Buehrle as a draft and follow in the 38th round of 1998 and took Stanford standout Joe Borchard with the 12th pick of the first round in 2000.
McDowell, Buehrle, and the great Joe Borchard are the highlights? That's sad.
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