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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
This is exactly the problem with counting stats. 25 homers and 78 RBIs! Forget that he was overmatched at the plate in 70+ percent of his at bats. HOMERS!

He had an OPS of what, like .740? He was below average at the plate, even without considering his lack of all other baseball skills.

Josh Fields hit homers too. Let's bring him back.

I wonder what LTP is doing.
That's not what we are arguing said that the White Sox were the only ones that thought Viciedo would become anything. Even after a season in which he hit 25 HR. I just don't think that is true at all. Now if you want to say that you thought this to be true is one thing, but to say that no one else in the league thought that Viciedo had any future prospects after 2012 is bollocks.

Look at the market for Trumbo who hit 34 HR with a .747 OPS last year, and an OBP under .300. Whether you like it or not there is some value there.

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