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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
Correct, and he was viewed as a top prospect. After he hit 25 homers in 2012, that positive outlook continued. Hence your statement, "The White Sox seemed to pretty much be the only ones who thought Viciedo was going to be something" is untrue.
He had a .300 obp in 2012 and his ability to see pitches was inept at best. Most every scout agreed that he either wasn't going to get it, or needed to change his approach drastically. ONLY here did we look at the 25 homers and say OH LOOK POTENTIAL. That's not what potential is.

Edit: and once again, that's from mid-season 2011. He wasn't in the league. He had only played in the majors September 2010, which is what this is based on. That is not relevant to the statement I made.
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