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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
People have already come up with a number of good points but I will reiterate what others have already said and that is there needs to be a complete overhaul of organizational philosophy. Usually that means bringing in a new front office but due to Jerry's sense of loyalty (especially to Kenny), I just can't imagine that that will ever happen. I think new ownership is needed, but I hope Hahn can be the change that is needed for the White Sox front office but I am skeptical if his tenure will be much different from Kenny's or if Kenny is completely out of the picture in terms of personnel decisions.
I have to disagree. Imagine you're Rick Hahn. Teams have been after you the last 3-4 yrs to be the GM, heck he even turned other teams down. But why? he'd had multiple oppprtunities to have his dream job of running an organization. Why turn that chance down (even with a team like the Pirates) to be a puppet for Kenny Williams? There's no reason to if he takes pride in what he does. I'm sure he wants to create his own legacy and if he is being honest with himself, he wouldn't take a job in title only if he couldn't do what he wants.

Based on what I readn and what little I know about Rick and Kenny, I think Rick will be a lot more patient and is a lot more conservative and will take a big picture POV of things. Kenny grew up on that football mentality of win now with the future be damned. Rick's background isn't like that.

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