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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh dear lord, I'm so sick of people feeling like there's a entire run difference based on park or league. It's not that extreme, and Comerica didn't stop the Tigers from being better on offense at home than on the road.

Fister's last two road ERA's: 3.80 and 3.36. Show me the White Sox pitcher other than Sale who did that even at home the last two seasons?

The guy is a clear ace, and clearly better than what we've got.
Peavy pitched 50 more innings than Fister last year and had a lower ERA. He was injured the year before, but appears to be healthy and did win the Cy Young once, so if Fister is an ace, you would have to call Jake one, but of course the Tigers are the greatest team ever assembled. It's pretty amazing that adding a 38 year old Torii Hunter and getting Victor Martinez back while having a rookie who can only get a fastball over the plate as a closer should increase their win total by at least 17.