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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
You got a link for that? Not that I doubt it, I've just never seen any site that keeps track of that number and it would be something cool to check out. Even if Andrus did bat .417 bunting, he only had 5 bunt hits all season long. So, yes, as someone who is unobjectively opposed to smallball, I was happy to see Price make a nice play and snuff that rally.
Baseball Reference shows numbers for hit fly balls, line drives, ground balls and bunts. Such things can be deceptive. You can't look and see a player is 3-for-for in hitting with a 3-0 count and complain that the manager seldom gives him the 3-0 green light often enough because it doesn't take into account the foul balls, swings and misses and discretionary and easy takes. It's similar with the bunting numbers. There are no doubt more occasions when Andrus attempted to bunt for a hit and produced a foul ball than he bunted and successfully reached base. You also don't know what the bunting situations were, who was pitching, who was playing on the infield, where the infielders were playing, whether a hit was a defensively botched sacrifice attempt.

The number wasn't posted as an argument, but rather a suggestion that Andrus has always seemed to be a player confident that he could bunt for hits, and the fact is, his numbers would be at least slightly less impressive if you take out his bunt attempts. Often when I see a player shorten up to bunt for a hit, it tells me, and probably puts in the mind of the opposition, that the hitting might feel more confident in bunting in this at bat than swinging away.
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