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Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
Look up for the past 5 years where our farm system has ranked and its been in the bottom 5 every year.
Because we make a butt-load of trades. Those guys we traded may or may not have panned out but they landed us a lot of proven veterans over that period of time. I notice you ignore those players as if they never existed because it must be convenient to whatever point you think you're making.

And 3 posts, all complaining, is indeed a trend. You go from one scattered complaint to the next.

Did you just start paying attention the past 2 years? Tampa has been drafting the top 5 for the majority of their existence. Texas in the top 15 for most of the past 15 years. Toronto the same. So yes, the Red Sox seem to be the best example you have. The rest? apples and oranges.
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