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Originally Posted by elrod
2. Wilson Valdez is hitting even better in Charlotte (.337) than he did for high-altitude Albuquerque. Bryant Nelson also looks pretty impressive - he'd never been on my radar before.
Yeah, Valdez is tearing it up right now. He is mainly a singles guy with base stealing ability and a good glove. He was originally a Cubs farmhand, then Montreal, and then Florida last season. That's where Ozzie knows him from. You can see why Ozzie loves him so much; because he pretty much IS Ozzie. He is projected to be a utility infielder. I could definately see him backing up Uribe at SS next season if Valentin leaves to free agency.
Originally Posted by California Sox
Watched the Minnesota broadcast today. They're expecting Stewart back immediately after the break. But that may mean fewer at bats for Matt Lecroy and Lew Ford, who haven't been the problem for the Twins.
The Twins are going to do the same thing with Stewart as we are doing with Maggs. They will continue to start Lew Ford in LF and Stewart as the DH. When Stewart gets 100% healthy, they will start him in LF and Ford as the DH. No way will they take Lew's bat out of the lineup after what he's done in the first half. Fat-Man LeCroy will go back to his role of backup C/1B and eating donuts in the dugout.

Remember, Stewart was the sparkplug for the Twins' offense last season. I hope the bastard reinjures himself.

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