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There are times when I questioned experts and times I didn't and wish the hell I had. Putting forth the idea that maybe Danks should do some long relief first is not an over the top notion. Now I happen to not agree with it, but I don't think it makes one arrogant or disrespectful of the pitching coach. I've thought about cutting out, I know the site would get along quite well without me. It did for several years. It is just depressing to see that a mod finds it necessary to attempt to bitch slap a poster over a very innocuous remark. I love a debate more than most, and for the most part don't take offense if someone rips one of my posts. I'm in the mood to make another of my men are irrelevant remarks, but man did I catch hell for that the last time.

As for Danks, I'm concerned that he's ready. I was already concerned before he got hurt. He peaked in 08 and never fullfilled that initial promise. He reminded me of a left handed version of 1972-75 Sox pitcher Stan Bahnsen, who Bill Gleason dubbed "Stanley Struggle." That's what Danks appeared to me to be doing in far too many of his starts. Just my opinion again. I hope he is effective when he comes back. You can never have too much good pitching. Especially in today's game where so many pitchers seem fragile.
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