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GREAT video.....THANKS for sharing!! It definitely gives you a "you are there feel". One of the things I regret as a White Sox fan is that I never got a chance to go to Old Comiskey Park.

I was a kid in 1990 and my dad was never the type who would have a father and son moment and take me to a ballgame.

I got to go to the new park in 1991 when it first opened with a friend and his family. (they played the Yankees.) The old park was still standing for the most part and I'll never forget looking at the field through a gaping hole in the wall in right field up against a a chain link fence, wishing that I had gotten the chance to watch a ballgame in the grand old place.

A couple of obsevations from this video....The ballpark had a very cozy feel to it. For those of you who actually got to go there, was it really as cozy as it seemed in this video?

The Cell is a beautiful ballpark and I love it....but after watching this video, it just seems like Old Comiskey park is the true home of the White Sox and it doesn't get any better than that for them. It's practically where they spent their entire lives as a franchise and they just belong there. You can feel the ghosts of White Sox past in that place......even in that video.

I felt myself thinking about the 1917 Sox, Shoeless Joe, The 1959 Sox and all the rest of the history of that place and those White Sox teams. You can just feel it. Was it like that when you were actually there? Or was it even better?

Seeing the new ballpark rising up from inside the old park made me think, When the old park was planned, and designed, built, and opened it didn't get any better than that. The people who were there back then couldn't and wouldn't have envisioned a time when a new park would've been rising up across the street and their grand old ballpark would be closing.

One other thing: The White Sox absolutely need to go back to playing more Nancy at games just like they did in this video.

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