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I have read plenty of complaints about the concession stands and how they are run at Comiskey, and I do have to agree with the basic premise of them. I haven't been to a game this season. But, I do recall it being so crappy last year, as well as in several previous years beforehand. Last September, I went to a game where there couldn't have been more than 20k there, and I missed 2 innings when I was in line at the grill.

A week and a half ago, I went to Coors Field, and the attendance that game was over double what the Sox typically get. Every stand was open, and they really do things well at all stands. Instead of completing the entire transaction behind the counter, the Rockies do it a different, much more efficient way. There are a few workers behind the counter. When the next worker is ready, they take and make your order. You then take all of your purchases to the pay stand (which is outside the concession stand), and they ring up your order. I was standing in line at the grill thinking I'd be waiting a while. But, longer lines than I have been in at Comiskey took less than 25% of the time to complete at Coors. I only missed one batter by the time I returned to my seat.

Coors also has better food and more options. I also like the fact that the entire upper concourse is open, so you can get great views everywhere. They even have picnic tables set up near a railing, and you can see the Denver skyline from them (see photo). It would be nice if they could open things up a little more at Comiskey, at least on the 3B side of the 500 level, where fans can see the skyline. Right now, fans can only see the skyline if they go to the area on top of the ramps.

At Coors, the Stadium Club is not some exclusive place. You don't have to have season tickets or have connections with people who do (or get them online if they are available). Any fan can make reservations to the SC restaurant so long as they do so a couple days before and can prove they have a game ticket.

At Coors, you can get outfield bleacher seats above the batter's eye for $4 every game (those same seats are $1 if you're a child, serviceman, or senior citizen)!

The video board there at Coors was much better than the collection of what we have at Comiskey. It was also unobstructed and can be viewed from everywhere (see photo).
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