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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I thought the Cougars had always resisted being affiliated with the Cubs or Sox because they would essentially shut put 1/2 their fanbase
That's what I had heard too. It could be that, since there are more Cubs fans around than Sox fans, they just figured they're willing to appeal to the larger Cubs fan base even if it means alienating Sox fans.

I'm not sure what the Cubs/Sox fan split is for a typical Cougars crowd. Out here in the Fox Valley area, it always seemed to be more like at least 2/3 Cubs fans and 1/3 Sox fans to me.

If this is the direction the Cougars have decided to go, that's a shame IMO because I always thought they were a good place in Chicagoland to see a minor league game with players working their way up to the majors, enjoy the low-cost family oriented atmosphere, and not be in the middle of the Cubs/Sox rivalry.

Originally Posted by ChiSoxGal85 View Post
I agree. I was okay with rooting for the Cougars up to now (even as a Royals affiliate), but I admit that becoming a Cubs affiliate would discourage me from going to games. It does depend on how the Cougars handle it - if they go all-out Cubbie blue, I'll find something else to do with my time and money, thank you.
Yeah, they've done a good job until now downplaying their MLB affiliation. They do display the Royals logo (and before that, the A's logo) on some things, but it really doesn't come off as cheering for the Royals.

They have a pretty good display of the former Cougars players who went on to become major league stars (Adrian Gonzalez, Miguel Cabrera, etc.) Mostly it's players from the Marlins system when they were a Florida affiliate since the Marlins developed a lot of future stars at that time. They used to have a sign on their outfield wall that said "Podsednik Played Here".

But, if they're teaming up with the Cubs, I wonder if they're going to hype the place up as "Wrigley West" or "Wrigley Junior" and go on about how we all love the Cubs and are rooting for future stars of "our Cubbies". What better way to see Theo's future stars! If that's the case, then I won't be inclined to come back.
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