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Originally Posted by MeteorsSox4367 View Post
I cheated and just went to Wikipedia. What a list of great picks and guys who never were.

1977 - Harold Baines. One of my favorite Sox ever.

1997 - The Sox had six picks and the best they could do were Parque and Biddle? Mercy. Jason Dellaero at short...what the hell happened?

2001 - Covered some of Kris Honel's games at Providence when I was a freelancer. Was thrilled the Sox took him. Would have loved to have seen the local kid make good. If not for arm problems, who knows what might have been?

2005 - Lance Broadway. Have an autographed photo of him that I bought for two bucks at a Sox garage sale hanging in my cube at work.

2008 - Gordon Beckham. Really thought the Sox made a great pick here. Wanted him to be a star. Even bought a Beckham t-shirt/jersey. Never happened.

2009 - Jared Mitchell. Is it time to give up hope on him yet?
If it's any consolation, everyone thought Gordon Beckham was a great pick, a Golden Spikes finalist. What is amazing is that Golden Spikes winner, Buster Posey, was still available three spots before Gordon Beckham with Tim Beckham and Pedro Alvarez among the four picked before him.

Baseball America ranked Gordon Beckham the No. 20 prospect the season after he was drafted. That same list had Posey 14 and Pedro Alvarez (who like Gordon Beckham is now playing in the minors with his original organization long behind him) at 12.

It isn't about the scouting, at least not one organization being really bad at scouting while others are brilliant. You judge prospects on their physical tools and what they have done with them. Years later, you look at what they have done against major league competition.

Tony Gwynn is the best hitter I've had the opportunity to see in person, with all due respect to Frank Thomas, and while I respect the opinion of anyone who disagrees with me on my specific Gwynn ranking, I doubt that anyone would suggest that his career justifies his not being selected until the third round.
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