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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Have you actually watched any of the Sox games this year?

First of all, Hawk said he would prefer Alexei over Tulo THIS YEAR. There has been no discussion about last year, two years or four years ago. Alexei was brutal last year, and those numbers would be reflected in his career stat lines. Hawk, not one time that I've seen, has said anything other than, this year, he would prefer Alexei.

Don't try to twist the discussion.

It's not an asinine opinion or unreasonable comment by Hawk, and he doesn't need to be crucified over it. This year, their numbers are close enough that it is not unreasonable that you could lean towards Alexei due to the intangibles regarding the Cubans.
Who cares what year. I will take Tulo last year, this year, next year any year.
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