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Originally Posted by SouthSideMike View Post
That's being very simplistic. What about rate of decline by position? In football, a running back has a lot less longevity and more rapid decline than say a QB due to the physical abuse they take. Catcher is a more physically demanding position than say first base.

Stats give you the ability to quantify things and compare every possible variable for an informed decision.

Yeah, really. Baseball is still full of people who use sentimental evaluation criteria like leadership, hustle, or even physical appearance as part of their evaluation of a player.

Wouldn't you rather make a decision on a player based on data you can put your finger on rather than a hunch or something that's not able to be rendered mathematically?
I fail to see the correlation between Hawk's view of baseball and LAAAAA's signing of Pujols. Even if advanced metrics were not utilized in their analysis (a far-fetched assumption, I think), there is very little in the way of traditional scouting that would lead anyone to believe LAAAAA will get even close to their money's worth with that contract.
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