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Originally Posted by SouthSideMike View Post
Can't understand how contracts like these keep getting handed out in an era where stats are so much more precise and mathematically sound.

It should be known by everyone now that declining skills of players in their 30s is pretty much a given based on the evidence out there. And sometimes the decline is very rapid. Obviously there are exceptions, but there's really no way of knowing whether the player you're signing will be one of the exceptions to the rule.

Yet still we see these massive contracts to guys in their 30s based on past performance and not future value.

This is the reason people like Hawk, i.e. the anti-stats/anti-math crowd, just need to get out of baseball.
I don't see what this has to do with math or advanced stats. I'm pretty sure anybody who's ever watched a game of baseball (or any sport for that matter) could tell you that a player probably won't be as good at 35 as he was at 25.
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