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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post

Just like the Yankee$ signing A-Rod through age 42 at $30M a year, these teams can't be shocked when these guys in all likelihood start fading or breaking down around age 32-35 or so and that the last 7 years of the contract will be terrible.

It must go to show you how much money some of these owners are raking in if they can hand out crazy contracts like these.
It gets even better when you look at their distributions to only six players (those 2015-2016 years will be fun; especially since it's AFTER Trout hits Arbitration)...

2012: $12M------$14M $10M $4.5M-------
2013: $16M $15M $16M $11M $8.7M $8.5M
2014: $23M $15M $16M $16M $9.4M $8.5M
2015: $24M $23M $18M $18M $9.5M $8.5M
2016: $25M $30M $20M $20M-------$8.5M
2017: $26M $30M
2018: $27M
2019: $28M
2020: $29M
2021: $30M
1. Pujols
2. Hamilton
3. Weaver
4. Wilson
5. Kendrick
6. Aybar

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