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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Hahn also has KW to do some scouting. Remember, KW was the guy who "won" under the radar trades and signings of Loaiza, Contreras, Uribe, AJ, Iguchi, Dye, Quentin, etc. And the minor league system, while under KW's direction, produced solid contributors like Rowand, Crede and Buehrle.

Therefore, I do not think the Sox are headed for a prolonged half-decade of losing.
KW was also the guy who engineered the home run or nothing philosophy for the past number of years that got us into this mess, so I wouldn't be so quick to throw too many accolades around.. If you are gonna give him credit for the successes he gets slammed for the failures.. Of course I'm sure you'll bring up the stellar winning percentage vs the rest of the league during his tenure.

Comparing the late 80's teams to the 2013 Sox is apples vs oranges.. Back then, with 2 divisions, the Sox had some mighty competition with the A's and Twins Kirby Puckett teams... Today, shame on the Sox for competing in a division where the only real competition seems to be Detroit who practically gives away the division for the past few years...

Also shame on JR and the Sox brass for effectively putting a complete and total end to the 05 buzz.. The White Sox have the lowest average attendance of any major market franchise, at or near the bottom in fielding and offense..and are the 2nd worst team in the AL currently.. ahead of a team with 1/4 of the Sox payroll..

The alarming stats go on and on, but I won't put you or myself thru the misery... You're dreaming if you think the current ownership has any clue as to how to fix this.. I'm not saying I have any better idea, but I'm not charging people to watch a baseball team play good solid baseball and be seriously in the hunt for the playoffs in a weak division..
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