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Originally Posted by Hendu View Post
Every drug comes with consequences, even steroids. Speed freak, roid rage, etc. The fact is that players were popping greenies to gain a competitive advantage. Sure, the effect is not the same as steroids but the intent was the same. This is the mental gymnastics I was talking about before where we can excuse one type of cheating but not another.

This interview with Tom House about the drug culture, which included steroids, in the 60s and 70s is eye-opening. "We didn't get beat, we got out-milligrammed. And when you found out what they were taking, you started taking them."
No it's not, the intent for taking steroids was that it would make you bigger and stronger. The intent for taking greenies was that it would make you more alert and able to perform for double headers or in the dog days of August. Tom Verducci said it best when he said the comparison between greenies and steroids is the difference between "performance enablers" and "performance enhancers." Greenies didn't enhance an athlete's performance the way that steroids did.

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