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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
How can you tell that? There is only one angle where you can even vaguely see Greinke's lips and that is after Greinke has thrown down his glove and is actively "bracing," for lack of a better term, for Quentin. As Quentin puts his head down and charges he says something to Greinke, Greinke then throws down his glove and says something back and they hit each other.

Initially though Quentin starts walking towards the mound and says something, Greinke sees or hears this, steps towards Quentin and says something and slightly raises his head. His shoulders do not move upwards which would suggest he is not shouting anything. Quentin then says something and runs towards the mound, Greinke throws down his glove and says something and they rumble.
I've seen the behind the plate video of this also. I don't know where and I'm trying to find it. I can see Greinke's mouth and it's after that mouth moves and says, "what?!?!?" that Quentin charges.

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