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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Quentin shouldn't have charged. It ends at that. That was the violent act, and the only one.

Greinke didn't challenge him to charge. There wasn't enough time for that. Saying "what" in any way isn't saying "come attack me". And Quentin didn't hear it anyway, so it's completely inconsequential.

Shouldn't have led with his shoulder? Right...Just like you shouldn't lead with your face when someone punches you. He was being attacked. You react how you react to lessen the blow.
He shouldn't have led with his shoulder, as has already been pointed out. Trauma to the shoulder, either via a fall or a direct impact represents one of the two most common mechanisms of clavicular injury. Although I doubt that Greinke knew this before he got hurt, that doesn't erase his mistake.
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