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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
What trash talk?

Greinke: I didn't say anything
Quentin: I didn't hear what he said

What trash talk? Even if he did trash talk (and saying What? is more like, why are you walking at me with a bat than anything), trash talk is irrelevant because 1.) Quentin didn't care what he said, obviously and 2.) no amount of trash talk is a legitimate reason for assaulting someone. People go to jail for that.
Dude, I read lips. He said, "WHAT?!?!?" as in sarcastically. I don't care if you believe me or not. It's as much a fact to me as it would be to you if you were standing 2 feet away from Greinke and could hear him.

Yep people go to jail for assaulting strangers who have done nothing to them. Other people get no punishment at all after being hit with a projectile and then challenged by the person who threw it.

Here's the simple facts one more time...

Quentin shouldn't have charged.

Greinke shouldn't have challenged him to charge.

Greinke shouldn't have led with his shoulder.

You have turned those facts into another crusade...

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