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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
No and now you are misrepresenting what the article said.

I'll skip the whole part about where the pitch actually was (outside their area of "scientific comparison") and focus on your comment only. It does hit people. It just doesn't hit them on average as often as it hit's TCQ. You'd have to run a sample of people who players with similar stances to TCQ to really see what it means. You'd also have to then actually talk about the region in question (1.5-2.0 feet off the zone). Finally you'd need to factor in batting mechanics. Some players step more toward the plate than others when they swing.

In comparison to every player who has ever played TCQ gets smacked by a lot of pitches that others don't. This is some kind of serious scientific analysis?
However you as a batter act at the plate is inconsequential to the pitcher, who has the same zone every at bat. You pitch the plate, not the stance.
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